"Credibility is the key of success," says FIVB President Graça to CAVB Congress

7 December 2013

 Kigali, Rwanda, December 25, 2013- FIVB President Dr  Ary Graça Filho mentioned that credibility is the key of volleyball success all over the world because it is the way to gain the confidence of the sponsors and increase the marketing of the sport.  


 Graca said during the opening ceremony of the 2013 CAVB Congress in Kigali, Rwanda on Saturday in his message to 48 National federations attending the Congress, that he started to develop FIVB reputation as a credible organization within the Olympic family, International bodies and business community.


 "We want to promote volleyball through traditional and digital media and ensure the continued growth of the game by developing exciting new event concepts to attract new fans, broadcasters and sponsors and also to provide revenue streams to NFs," he added.


 "The first edition of Continental Cup which was the qualification process to London Olympic games 2012 helped to spread beach VB worldwide implementing the sport in a lot of poor countries. We had 143 participating NFs through 71 tournaments in 54 organising countries. Africa had 43 countries which is a record of participations. Before this competition we had only 31 countries participating in the World tours from the whole world and thus we had more than 4 times increase in the NFs. Now with the second edition of the Continental cup we had 175 countries participating in the big event which really reflect the big success.


 FIVB President showed also the successful World Championship qualifier through the financial support by the FIVB and this showed 155 NFs participating in the 2014 Men's World Championship in Poland featuring increase of 42 countries and 141 in the Women's World Championship in Italy with more 40 teams than 2010 qualifier.


 "Now we have the strategy to spread Volleyball all over the world through the financial support for the poor countries. Money coming from the sport should go to the sport, not to stay in the bank. So I want you to work hard to use this support. We supported Africa with more than 4 millions USD and we can do more if we find good feedback, so help me to help you," Dr Ary concluded.