FIVB President Dr. Graça addresses CAVB Board in Kigali

6 December 2013

Kigali, Rwanda, December 6, 2013- FIVB President Dr  Ary Graça Filho spoke to the African Volleyball Confederation "CAVB" Board of Administration in the opening of its operations on Friday in Serena Hotel in the Rwandan Capital of Kigali.


 CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani opened the Board meeting with a short speech where he welcomed the FIVB guests of honour and the board members and gave the floor to the FIVB President Graça.


 FIVB President starts his speech with appreciation to all the Board members for their work that helps Africa to move steps forwards in progress and development. "The FIVB gives you all the respect and now it is your opportunity to jump forwards and use the support of our organization," Graça said.


 "I don't like to speak to Africa as a third world because my country "Brazil" belongs to that category, but they succeeded to be the Olympic Champions and also the world Champions in a lot of age categories. My work with Africa started years ago before I have been the FIVB president and this deal will continue until we achieve all our goals. The most important item now is to have goals, reach these goals and go on."


 "The only problem in Africa is the long transportation between the African countries and it was the same in South America, but we can overcome this problem with a lot of ideas," He added.


Graça featured the role of Beach Volleyball as the most suitable part of the sport to Africa. "The Continental Cup was the brilliant idea to widespread the sport in 43 African countries now. It was mainly a developmental idea which helped a lot of countries to practice our sport in the whole world. "It is clear that beach VB works well in Africa because we send our people there to educate them before the competition started.


 "My obligation now is to give opportunities to you, and I want you to catch opportunities to continue your Development Plan. I know you have a good team of officials here in Africa.


 "Education has become our way forwards, so we need to encourage the children in poor areas to go to schools because it will help them to practice the sport and give them the opportunity to fight for their life.  


FIVB President empathized the role of women in the World of volleyball. "We have the privilege that the women can bring their children and the other members of their family to volleyball courts but they can't do even with football. The women can obligate the men to watch volleyball and that's their great role.


 Ewani then gave the floor to CAVB Executive vice President Cristobal Marte Hoffiz who expressed his happiness to attend the CAVB Congress for the second time after the elective congress in 2011. "I'm proud of what Africa have done and happy with the capacity of people here,"


 "I came from a country which can hardly seen in the map, however we succeeded to become No 8 in the world. Africa has the same capacity and can do the same with the aid of FIVB President's support.


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