Big echoes after Egypt won the fourth in row African crown
Egypt team honored with the gold for the fourth time

Egypt team honored with the gold for the fourth time

30 September 2011

  Tangier, Morocco, October 1, 2011- The Egyptian fourth in row victory at the 2011 Men’s African Nations Championship had a lot of echoes at the North African country as the African champions booked a World Cup berth for the third time in raw and the sixth time in total after 1977, 1985, 1995, 2003 and 2007 and stayed again as the African kings for two more years.


 The first reaction was from the Egyptian Ministry of Youth which decided through the Head of Sports Council of the Ministry Hassan Saqur to double the prize money for the winners as decided in the local regulations. A high delegation from the ministry will be waiting for the team arrival to Cairo on Sunday from Morocco where they played in the 10 days competition that settled with their victory in the final against Cameroon 3-1 (20-25, 25-18, 25-20, 25-22) in a thrilling encounter. 


 The Egyptian newspapers covered the big victory in big titles specially in the main daily newspapers Akhbar, Ahram and Gomhuria where they described the victory as one of the best in all the sport achievements in the last three decades. Gomhuria compared between the volleyball victory 4 successive times and that of football which won only three times in 2006, 2008 and 2010 and failed to defend their title in 2012 after they were eliminated from the qualifiers.


 The Egyptian media described also the big role of the team star Ahmed Salah Abdelhay who won for the second time the prize of the Most valuable Player “MVP” along with the skilful setter Abdalla Ahmed who maintained his role as the team Maestro.


 The competition showed a record of number of media covering the event including about 20 local media as well as 32 other different media from the participating teams. A lot of Radio and TV channels covered the event with daily programs and the press conferences showed the attendance of more than 30 journalists.


 From the technical point of view the competition focused the emergence of new upcoming teams specially the black horses Congo Brazzaville who came with a high profile team that succeeded to win the more experienced host team Morocco in their way to grab the fifth position.


 What made a taste to the event was the attendance of the FIVB president Jizhong Wei at the semifinal matches and he conducted a historic press conference attended by 40 different media where he had the opportunity to send a message to all the African countries about the importance of development programs as a key of progress in the continent.


 Egypt’s last participation in the World Cup in 2007 was the most successful with the African champions achieving three victories over Australia, Tunisia and Korea in their 11 matches to finish 10 th between the 12 finalists.