Algeria competes Egypt and Nigeria at Women Junior African Nations Championship

13 March 2013

Alger, Algeria, March 12, 2013- Algeria Women Junior team becomes ready for the 2013 Women's African Nations Championship due to start in Abuja, Nigeria on Wednesday.


 The competition acts as a qualifier for the FIVB Women U 20 World Championship to be held in Czech Republic next June.


 Algeria, beside defending champions Egypt and host Nigeria will be competing for the trophy after last minute withdrawal of Tunisia, Sierra Leone and Madagascar due to problems with the players in their educational exams.


 The Algerian team will be conducted by the head coach Aimad Eddine Saidani and his assistant Abdelhakim Sahli and aims at gaining the gold medal which was won by the Algerians for the last time in 2006.


 "We will play in Nigeria too win the cup as we have a lot of experiences of in the team specially those who played to the Younger age (U18) two years ago and were runner up at the competition held in Cairo and represented the continent in the world championship in Turkey," Algeria coach said.  


 "Also three of the team squad have participated in the 2012 London Olympic Games who are Sarra Belhocine (GSP) Samia Dallel Meroua Achour (USMBlida) Celia Bourihane (NCBejaia) and can add to our experience. The team also will feature three very young players; Yasmine Abderahim (ASWBejaia) Nawel Hammouche 16 years, and  TItem Hani (NCBejaia), 17 years who are members in the U 18 team."  


 Algerian list of players includes: Nadira Ait Oumghar (Seddouk) Yasmine Abderahim Sarah Akroun; Louiza Bayou (ASWBejaia) Sarra Belhocine (GSP) Wissem Dali Samia (MBBejaia) DallelMerouaAchour (USMBlida) Amel Zaidi (RCBejaia) Celia Bourihane; Chanez Nawel Hammouche Ayadi; TItem Hani (NCBejaia)


 Defending champions Egypt will be also a bigger force for the Algerians as they included most of the Gils team who won the African crown two years ago.


 Nigeria will use the home crowd to return back to competition with a new generation of players that need to return back their country to the top of women volleyball.