Seraphine survive a Genocide and become a Rwandan superstar

12 March 2018

Seraphine survive a Genocide and become a Rwandan superstar


Cairo, Egypt, March 12, 2018- One of the biggest revelations in African Volleyball is Rwandan international Seraphim Mukantambara, who plays for Rwanda Revenue Authority women volleyball team and star for Rwanda National team.


Born on the day the ethnic cleansing starts in 1994, she survived from the Rwandan genocide, lost her father and live with her mother with four siblings.


The icing on the cake for all was the presence of a rising African athlete whose success in volleyball epitomized the theme of the event. Hers was a story of a champion in the true sense of the word, rising from a tender age at first grade to conquer with an ‘impossible’ performance at the biggest stages.


Mukantambara is one of our continent’s best.  Starting her volleyball in 2011 with Rwanda Revenue, she rose to the ranked of first team status when she turn 18 years and from there, her enigmatic career thriven to become a super star.


When she adored her country’s national flag at the U18 Girl’s African Nations Championship in 2014, the development of a star in the making was symbolize to the global stage.


My mother is my inspiration’’. I endured pain of growing without a father, I cannot explain nothing about the genocide because it was the very I was born, however the stigma stills lives on the attacker said to CAVB press.


I want to leave a mark in volleyball, and with the support I am getting from everyone around me, I can do it she stated.


Seraphine Mukantambara, is establishing a tradition of success wherever she goes.