1.1.      The CAVB Secretariat will communicate to all countries the list of Championships to be hosted. This communication will arrive two years before the commencement of the Championship.

1.2.      The candidacies of National Federations for the organization of different championships must be forwarded to the CAVB Secretariat, six months before the beginning of the championship.

1.3.      The CAVB President will appoint and mandate a delegate to visit the country or countries who intend to host a championship and inspect the facilities for the organisation and management of the event including accommodation for the participating teams, referee and CAVB officials. The delegate\'s report will be submitted to the CAVB President, for approval within 14 days of the visit, in conformity to the CAVB manual.

1.4.      The National Federation in charge of organizing the championship should be informed of the delegate\'s report and of the CAVB President\'s decision within fifteen days after the end of the inspection visit. The organizing Federation will send invitations to the participating countries within fifteen days from date of approval.

1.5.      The organizing Federation shall pay for the travelling, board and lodging expenses and per-diem of this delegate for a maximum period of five days; this including the travelling period.

1.6.      If a second inspection is necessary, CAVB will bear all the expenses incurred.

1.7.       In case of a withdrawal of the organizing country after the approval of the CAVB Board of Administration the fine will be US$ 2000 to be paid  to CAVB within 3 months of the date of withdrawal.

1.8.       If the withdrawal of the organization happens at least three months before the inspection   visit, the competition will be awarded to the substitute country. In case of withdrawal of the latter, the competition shall be given to the Federation of the country hosting the CAVB head office or the CAVB Board will decide the host.

1.9.       In case of a withdrawal of the organizing country after the inspection visit, the following measures will be taken.

1.9.1.     CAVB will give the organization to the substitute country.

1.9.2.     The country that withdraws from the organization will not be allowed to organize any other championship for  a period of four years; commencing from the date of its withdrawal from the competition and shall pay a fine of US$ 2000 to CAVB within 3 months of date of withdrawal. However this country is allowed to continue to participate in CAVB Competitions, but must pay the fine first before participation.

1.10.    In case the organizer changes the date of the competition after approval and circulation to all NFs, organizer will be fined US$ 1000 which must be paid before participation.


1.11.   in case the organizer does not fulfil the already approved conditions by the inspection team, the organizer shall face the following penalties:

a)             Pay ten thousand US Dollars (10,000 US$) fine;

b)            Shall not be allowed to host any Championship for a period of 4 years.

The above sanction is not optional. The above ten thousand US Dollars must be paid within three months after the conclusion of the Competition. If the Organizer fails to pay, it shall not participate in any CAVB organized Competitions for two years thereafter.   

1.12.   The organizing federation will proceed to the drawing of lots of the championship three   months before the beginning of that championship under the aegis of the CAVB President  (or one of his Vice-Presidents) and the Technical Delegate  . The organizing Federation will be responsible for the travel expenses, board and lodge and their per-diem for a maximum period of three days only.



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