The CAVB National Coaches Course concludes in Zimbabwe.

6 August 2014

Harare, Zimbabwe, August 5, 2014- The African volleyball Confederation "CAVB" organised a 5 day National Coaches' Course at Saint Georges College in Harare, Zimbabwe July 28 to August 1 in the framework of CAVB Development strategy.


The course attracted a record number of participants as seventy-eight men and women from all around Zimbabwe attended the event which covered topics ranging from practical coaching skills to technical and tactical development training methods.


The Zimbabwe Volley-Ball Association (ZVBA) well prepared all the course facilities for the FIVB instructor Bernard Denis from Seychelles who was satisfied with the course condition and the performance of the participants.


 A lot of local media covered the event with daily releases beside the work of the social media through the releases in Facebook for the event in the federation's page.


The Closing Ceremony took place on August 1st as all participants were awarded their certificates.


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