CAVB honours the Main Volleyball sponsor in Burkina Faso
FIVB President expressing unity with CAVB President and the rest of CAVB Officials

FIVB President expressing unity with CAVB President and the rest of CAVB Officials

24 October 2011

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, October 24, 2011- In a big party attended by FIVB President Mr Jezhong Wei, the African Volleyball Confederation “CAVB” honoured the main sponsor of the Western part of the continent General Gilbert Diendere who was behind the great progress of volleyball activity in this region during the past five years in presence of CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani, Vice President and Treasurer Habu Gumel and the representatives of the attending 11 countries.


President Wei honoured Diendere with the highest CAVB Order which was a silver necklace carrying the African Volleyball Confederation logo for his excessive work to support volleyball.


During the party, FIVB President appreciated the work done by Diendere and stated that this kind of persons deserves the respect because they support the sport generally and volleyball particularly to help the youth being active elements in their community.


Before the party FIVB President Wei watched the friendly match between Burkina Faso and Niger joined by Elwani and the officials of Zone 3 where he followed the facilities of the new Palais des Sports Hall in Burkina capital and had the chance to talk to the different Media after the match.


The story of Diendere with volleyball started early when he was a student in the secondary school where he was attracted to volleyball and was advised to practice this sport because of his height that exceeds 2 meters. When he was admitted to the Burkina Army he was mature enough to be selected to the Military club and then he represented his country twice in the International Military Championships in 1978 and 1979.


He was joined by Compaore Blaise who became later the President of the Republic in his club where a strong friendship emerged between them in the court and outside it and after few years Diendere had become the Personal chief for the Staff of the Burkina Faso President of the Republic Blaise.


Although he was obligated to retire early for a knee injury his love to volleyball was persistent from outside the court.


In 2006 he was invited to attend volleyball competition in Ouagadougou and he was asked by the officials of the sport in the country to support volleyball and find a sponsor to assist the sport in Burkina and the neibouring countries. He accepted the invitation and carried himself the responsibility of that.


“President Compaore Blaise helped me a lot to aid volleyball progress through the financial support he produced and since then we decided to organize a solidarity tournament for zone 3 countries at both club and National team levels,” Said Diendere happily after being honoured by the FIVB President.


“Of course after the emotional feeling following this historic moment, I need to work more for my beloved sport in order to achieve more progress. I’m happy now to see 9 countries taking art every year at the Zonal championship. After the great start we decided to organize the competition in different countries to transfer the experience of organization between the different zonal NFs.”


“After the years of work we succeeded to establish a huge indoor Hall in Ouagadougou which of course will increase our dreams of organizing one day FIVB competitions.” He concluded.




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