Media and Marketing, key factors in African volleyball success

8 December 2013

Kigali, Rwanda, December 8, 2013- The great role of media and marketing was brightened in the CAVB Congress during the second day of its activities in Kigali, Rwanda following the presentations made to feature the media coverage and how it goes to help more sponsorship for the Sport.


 The Social media involvement since the last FIVB Congress like the Facebook, Twitter and Youtube had a great role to widespread the information to all the community. The role of those new media has become more important with the wide use of those media between the youth of young age.


 Marketing Commission President highlighted the role of the different media to help the communications and to increase the knowledge about the sport. She also showed the role of different kinds of media to attract the sponsors beside the big role of the TV.


 The press report showed that volleyball competitions were covered through a lot of media including news published through twitters and photo galleries in Facebook. The increased number of NFs press officers helped to increase the media resources and make all the African competition info accessible everywhere in the world. The World Championship qualifier with its 31 tournaments in 2013 was a good occasion to add more media which helped in the proper coverage for the entire tournaments.


 Lucbeau Kalala presented the Sports Organising Commission "SOC" report where he illuminated the role of the FIVB with its support to increase the number of teams participating in the 2014 World championship qualifier to 34 men and 33 women teams instead of 13 teams for both genders in 2010 qualifiers. He said that African competitions showed dramatic improvement in terms of organisation after most of the organisers have great expereince at all levels.


 CAVB Developemnt officer Enzo Tafara presented the E- learning programme that was appeoved by the Congress to be implemented next year. The programme helped to save money and efforts to teach the coaches and referees by a simple technological way.


 E- learning project will be another channel of communication that can facilitate the transfer of information and allow self paced learning thus capturing those who would normally miss conventional courses due to hectic work or social programmes, and also decreasing the travel costs for instructors and participants.


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