Local Beach Volleyball tour starts in Sierra Leone

29 November 2013

Sierra Leone, November 28, 2013- A local Beach Volleyball competition started successfully in the Western Area of Sierra Leone on November 24 and will continue until April 27, 2014.


 The competition will be concluded next year by a big festival in celebration of the country independence.


 Seven Men's and 7 Women's teams are taking part in the event which are Army Forces Volleyball Club, Solar Spikers Volleyball Club, Young Stars Volleyball, Super Six Volleyball Club, Double Spikers Volleyball Club, Sixers Volleyball Club and  Forcian Volleyball Club where each club will participate in both genders.


Western Area Volleyball Association Beach Volleyball competition started on the 24 November 2013 and will end 27 April 2014.


The final will be dedicated to the independent celebration of the country next year.


 ”This long set competition can help us to select outstanding players to represent the country in the forthcoming international beach volleyball competition," said Sorie Kamara, Beach volleyball Director in Sierra Leone volleyball Federation.


 "We had a big leap in beach volleyball since two years and now we want to continue more professional to improve our standard."


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