"My dreams become a reality at World Championship in Mexico," Egyptian referee Waleed Abdelsamad

17 July 2013

 Cairo, Egypt. July 16, 2013- It was a dream for the Egyptian referee Waleed Abdelsamad to officiate at a FIVB competition final, until the dreams become a reality at the Boys U19 World Championship in Mexico when he had the honour to conduct the final match between Russia and China where he extract all the power to efficiently represent the African refereeing.


 "For a long time I was waiting for that day, when I'm nominated for any FIVB final, until I had the opportunity in Mexico," Abdelsamad said.


 "I was ready to use this chance. I concentrated more than any time ever before the final match between Russia and China. I officiated the opening match in Pool A between China and Belgium and then I was nominated for one of the semifinals between China and Poland. After the semifinal I felt that the final is very near to me and I can do it."


 When Abdelsamad knows in the morning of the closing day that he will conduct the final he was more steady to live the dreams as a fact.


 "My heart was beating, I feel as if these beats are louder than the sound of the ball, 113 minutes the length of the match and my live dream till the final whistle passed very fast and very slow. It was fast like any good moments in your life. Very slow like any tough test you pass. It was really the most difficult test in my life.


 "I wake up of my dream at the end of the match to see the FIVB first vice president Mr Cristobal Marte coming to me to congratulate me for my performance and personality during the final,"


 "I still remember his words to me, he told me congratulations great Pharaoh. It was the greatest push for me."


 Mr Marte was happy with Abdelsamad's performance. "He was an extraordinary FIVB referee at the final of the World Championship in Mexico; His performance deserves all the opportunities that FIVB is able to provide. I was impressed by his professionalism and performance," Cristobal said.


 "We criticize our referees for their performance, to my understanding and to be fair we should also applaud the excellent performance of our FIVB referees and appreciate their good work and provide the necessary opportunity to enhance their performance." he added.


 Waleed is considered one of the most experienced African referees as he started his career in 1989 and officiated a lot of important matches in the Egyptian league before he was upgraded as an international referee in 1999.


 He was then selected to conduct matches in many African championships before his first FIVB mission at the Men's Junior World Championship in India in 2009. He also was chosen as a neutral referee in the European youth championship in Turkey 2011.


 In 2012 he entered another era when he conducted important matches at the 2012 Club World Championship in Qatar ahead of his golden performance in Mexico.


 "I owe much to CAVB President Dr Elwani and FIVB and CAVB Refereeing Commission President Hassan Ahmed for their continuous support in the last few years. They really changed the African map through their continuous fruitful work in our field." Waleed concluded.  




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