Africa needs more support to shine, Says FIVB President in Morocco

28 September 2011

 Tangier, Morocco, September 28, 2011- In his first ever visit to Morocco, the FIVB President Jizhong Wei expressed his fascination with the beautiful city of Tangier and he appreciated the work done by the African Volleyball Confederation “CAVB” and the Moroccan Volleyball Federation for their efforts to make the 2011 Men’s African Nations Championship a success.


 FIVB president discussed with 40 media attending his press conference held at Menzah Hotel in Tangier, Morocco on Wednesday along with CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani and Morocco Volleyball federation President Abdelhadi Ghzali, the work done by the World Volleyball governing body to develop the sport all over the World and particularly in Africa. He pointed out that the support of FIVB to Africa duplicated 10 times in the last three years. He stressed on the importance of the project “Volleyball at School” and the strategy that all the funds coming from the Sport should be invested in Sport. He gave the priority to the social and Management stability to maintain the development done in volleyball field.


 “I’m really very impressed with the conditions here in Morocco in this fascinating city of the Mediterranean Sea and also with the facilities made for the African Nations Championship,” Said Wei at the beginning speech of the press conference. “The hall that hosts the competition can fulfill the requirement of any FIVB competition. I thank the Moroccan Volleyball Federation for their hospitality and good organization. I also hope them good luck in their organization of the World Tour stop in Agadir next October. I know there are 178 players candidate to participate in that event from 35 countries,”


 “From my first day as President of the International Volleyball Federation I was keen to declare that the FIVB is not a profit organization and the money comes from the Sport should be invested in the sport, not to kept in the account and I saw how was the result obvious since 2009 in both indoor and Beach Volleyball fields due to the fruitful work done by the confederations and the National Federations. But I can see that the work should be supported by the local authorities in order to have the best results like I saw here in Morocco from the Governor of Tangier and the representative of the Ministry of Youth as they showed a lot of support to volleyball.”


 “Our strategy in the FIVB is that the support should be directed to those National Federations who have their strategy and regularly organize the competitions beside the interest to the project of “Volleyball at School”. I see that the children should be attracted early at the school age because they are the bright future of our sport, otherwise they will go to the other sports,”


 The FIVB President also sees that the communication between the World confederations should be more active. “I asked the European Confederation “CEV” during their congress in Vienna, Austria last week to increase their support to Africa and we hope also that CAVB also supports CEV with the different protocols between the two sides.” followed Wei.


 “I want also to declare that the FIVB decided to support each confederation with 2 Taraflex Flooring per year and each confederation has the right to give them to the suitable federation and in future we will have more. Our new strategy is to invest 80 % of our resources in the Development. Now we spent 2 to 5 Millions Swiss Francs in the developmental aspect and we already approved 20 Development projects coming from Africa,”


 Wei enumerated the three ways to benefit from the FIVB support by the African countries. “Africa can benefit from the Olympic Solidarity Project, the technical and financial support of the CAVB or directly form the FIVB, but the priority will be for Category 1 and 2 NFs,”


 The FIVB President asked also Africa to support the stability in their management in the near future specially when they meet in the CAVB Congress in Khartoum, Sudan next December to choose the new president. “For me it is not a matter of presidency but it is more how to put a suitable strategy for the future of African Volleyball.”


 “I’m happy to be here in Africa after 25 years of work for my beloved continent. I’m Chinese but I will maintain my love and support to Africa.” He concluded.


 CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani thanked Wei for his continuous support for Africa and he mentioned that the CAVB recourses form the FIVB was only 70.000 CHF and now the budget raised to one Million CHF which reflected positively specially in Beach Volleyball field that featured the participation of 39 countries in the ongoing CAVB Continental Cup.


 He pointed out also that new organizers emerged now in Africa like Rwanda, Niger, Cameroon, Gabon, Togo, Mozambique, Sudan, Benin, Namibia and Sierra Leone who performed well during the Sub Zonal and Zonal phases of the Continental Cup.



FIVB President Jizhong Wei speaking during the press conference in Tangier, Morocco beside CAVB President Dr Elwani and Morocco Volleyball Fed President Ghzali




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