A long trip back home after successful mission for Cameroon Referee Douada Pare

13 July 2013

Tijuana, Mexico, July 12, 2013 - Before the sunset over the border between Mexico and the United States, Douada Pare had the chance for a last souvenir of his visit to Baja California.


Pare, from Cameroon, was assigned to participate as International Referee at the FIVB Boys’ U19 World Championship that ended last Sunday at the Baja California High Performance Center in Tijuana.


However, the African referee was commissioned in Mexicali. He returned to Tijuana to take his flight back home. But before that He had the chance to spend a few hours for a sigthseeing tour around the border city.


This was my first World Championship as a referee, I have enjoyed it a lot,” said Pare, who has participated in several tournaments of the African Volleyball Confederation.


But this Age Group championship in Mexico gave him the opportunity to know new colleagues and to make good friends. “Mexicali weather is too hot, but is a Little bit like Cameroon, people were very friendly on the court, at the hotel, this tournament was great.”


Douda took a long journey to arrive in Baja California and to return back home. While He gets into a Restaurant at Revolution Avenue sees many pictures of the old Tijuana with some of the actors and actresses that used to cross the border from the United States during the first half of the Twentieth Century.


Before going to the Airport, there is enough time to taste the traditional “Caesar Salad” that was created and served for the first time inside that same place by an Italian Immigrant almost 80 years ago.


I have to fly From Tijuana to Mexico City and after a stop there, I have to take another plane to Madrid, Spain, and fly to Casablanca, Morocco,” Douda remarked while checking the last details of his itinerary.


Once I arrive in Morocco, that is my last stop. I’ll be in Yaounde and have to go on to my city.”  


One of the last pictures taken by Douda during his visit to Baja California, was near the wall that divides Mexico and USA and even enters some meters across the sea.


The shining of San Diego is seen some miles away as the sun sets.  It is the last “Post card” of the Tournament that has already ended, but there is still a long journey for Douda before getting back home.




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