African qualifiers to FIVB Swatch Youth World championship revealed

27 June 2012

Cairo, Egypt, June 25, 2012- The African qualifiers to the 2012 FIVB Swatch Youth World championship were determined by the African Volleyball Confederation “CAVB” Beach Volleyball Department this weekend following the end of the qualification procedures that started last April.


 The Youth World Championship will be held in Nicosia, Cyprus July 11 to 14, 2012 with the participation of 32 teams from all the World Continental confederations.


 The African qualifiers are Algeria, Guinea Conakry, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Niger and Namibia in boys’ category and Algeria, Guinea Conakry, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Niger and Nigeria in Girls gender.


 The first ever African Youth championship was held in two phases starting from zonal qualifications followed by two final rounds that allowed the 6 teams to have the honour of being the first ever African team to qualify at this age category.


 The finals of the World Championship will be composed of a preliminary phase of 32 teams that will be divided into 8 pools and a final phase will be based on 24 single elimination (Top 3 ranked teams per pool).   

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