Referee seminar organized in Rwanda ahead of the CAVB Continental Cup final

24 May 2012

Gisenyu, Rwanda, May 23, 2012- The organizing committee for the African CAVB Continental Cup finals along with  the CAVB Beach Commission organized Referee seminars for the national and international referees participating in the Continental Cup finals due to start at Palm Beach in Gisenyu, Rwanda on Thursday.

 The seminar comes in the framework of the CAVB Development plan aiming at increasing the experience and performance of beach volleyball referees throughout the continent and supervised by Competition Referee Delegates Anton Pevc (Slovenia) and Neutral international referee Drago Peslac (Croatia).  

A series of sessions have been scheduled by CAVB to present a unique learning experience not only for the National Referees of Rwanda, but also for the CAVB International referees accompanying the delegation.

 Nine CAVB international and candidate Referees will be involved and assisting in various sessions for the national referees, line judges and scorers during the seminar.

 The national referees had two theoretical and practical sessions on Tuesday at the court of Palm Beach conducted by International referees Hazem Sherbiny and Gamal Younes.

 Sherbiny and Younes were supervised and evaluated by the Competition Referee Delegate Pevc and Neutral Referee Peslac as part of CAVB strategic plan that CAVB emphasizes on the importance that CAVB International Referees have a responsibility to transfer their knowledge to the African national referees in their own countries at every event where they take part.



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