Second CAVB refereeing Seminar concludes in Tunisia
Big interest at the closure ceremony

Big interest at the closure ceremony

2 May 2012

Tunis, Tunisia, April 18, 2012- The African Volleyball Confederation “CAVB” organized a fully successful refereeing Seminar in Tunis, Tunisia April 16 to 18 with the participation of 103 international and candidate referees representing 14 African countries.

 The seminar is the second in the framework of the strategic development plan of the African volleyball governing body after the first edition in Cairo, Egypt in 2010 which was attended by 105 referees.

 The three days event was conducted by the CAVB Referee Commission which held its meeting before the seminar presided by Hassan Ahmed and attended by the rest of the commission members Abdelmajeed Djirad (Tunisia), Emmanuel Ngoloko (Cameroon), Salamba (Kenya), Djawad Barada (Morocco) and John Kuje (Nigeria).

 The seminar featured 14 counties participating which are Algeria, Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Congo, Egypt, Kenya, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sudan and Tunisia.

 Among other headlines discussed during the seminar, the improvement of the African referee performance and the ambition of African representation at the world level competitions was the main title.

 Workshops were held for the electronic score sheets which will be under trial during the 2012 Men’s African Club Championship due to start in Sousse, Tunisia on Saturday April 21.

 The importance of supporting the female as well as the beach volleyball referees was also a main issue specially in presence of 6 women referees attending the seminar and after the considerable increase in the number of beach referees in the last two years.

 Special sessions were held to discuss the new modifications in the rules of the game and the new libero substitutions.

 During the closure ceremony the Egyptian Referee Nasr Shaaban was honoured by CAVB President and Referee commission president as he was assigned as FIVB referee to be the only African at that level 

 A lot of media were attracted to cover the event specially the Tunisian TV that covered many sessions and made some interviews with the officials of the course and some international referees.

 The closure ceremony of the seminar was attended by CAVB President Dr Amr Elwani, CAVB Vice President and Tunisia Volleyball Federation President Munir Ben Slimane and CAVB Executive Director Howyda Mondy.

 Dr Elwani mentioned in his speech that Africa succeeded to increase the work in referee field to improve the quality and increase their number which is a great work and one of its positives is that seminar showing the exchange of ideas between a big number of the best African referees. “We are going step by step to improve one of the cornerstones of the game which was reflected by the increased number of referees appointed during the FIVB World championships. Our aim also is to improve the level of the local African competitions because strong leagues bring up better referees,” He added.

 The seminar director Hassan Ahmed mentioned that the referees themselves presented a lot of items in the sessions of the event which was one of the biggest outcome. “The participants really did well in their presentations reflecting their characters. We had also a questionnaire at the end of the seminar to evaluate the top level of our referees.” He added.  

 The participants received their certificates from the officials at the end of the ceremony   



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