Algeria in intense build up to World Grand Prix Qualifications

11 April 2012

Alger, Algeria, April 8, 2012- The Algerian women’s Volleyball National team will depart for Poland on Monday for final preparations ahead of the FIVB World Grand Prix Qualifications where Algeria meets Chinese Taipei twice on April 27 and 28 in Oran.

 The African Olympic Qualification winners will prepare Poland until April 25 to both Grand Prix play off as well as the long run preparations to London Olympic Games. The Algerian team started their preparations since a week in a local camp with twice daily training sessions conducted by the head coach George Strumulo from Poland and his assistant Aimed Eddine Saidani.

 The technical staff selected 16 players for the camp including 5 players from the junior team, namely Celia Bourihane, Nawel Hammouche (NC Bejaia ) Sarah Belhocine (GSP) Nadira Ait Oumghar (SV Bejaia) and Marwa Achour (ESF Mouzaia).

 Although the absence of the star hitter Faiza Tsabet for wedding preparations, all the other professional stars are ready for the events specially the French based Sehryne Hinnawi (club Terville), Lydia Oulmou (Istres)

 List of selected players include: Fatima Zohra Oukazi, Hamouche Salima, Zohra Bensalem, Amel Charouf, Nawel Mansouri, Khemtach Amel, Safia Boukhima (GSP), Tassadit Aissou (NRC), Aicha Mezemate (NCBejaia) Celia Magnana. Muni Abderahim, (ASWBejaia)

 The Algerian team will represent Africa for the second consecutive Olympic Games following their victory at the Olympic qualifier held at Blida early in February  



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