Setter Fatima Oukazi elected best Algerian Athlete in 2014

13 January 2015

 Alger, Algeria, January 5, 2014- The Algerian Volleyball National team's setter Fatima Oukazi was elected as the best athlete in her country in 2014 in the annual voting done by l'agence Algérie Presse Service (APS).


 The veteran setter who played more than 200 international matches represented Algerian Volleyball in the 2014 during the FIVB Club World Championship in Switzerland with her team, the African Champions GS Petroliers. She also led her National team in the 2014 World Championship qualifiers where they missed the qualification ticket against Cameroon.


 Oukazi represented her country in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games beside playing in the 2011 World Cup. She led her team to win the gold medal of All Africa Games twice in 2007 and 2011 as well as the Women's African Nations Championship in 2009.   


 The voting started in 1977 and Okazi becomes the first volleyball player to win the trophy.


Previous winners   

1977: Sakina Boutamine (Athlétisme) et Abderrahmane Morceli (Athlétisme) 

1978: Affane Zaza (Natation) et Amar Brahmia (Athlétisme)

1979: Rachid Habchaoui (Athlétisme)

1980: Hachemi Abdenouz (Athlétisme)

1981: Lakhdar Belloumi (Football)

1982: Rabah Madjer         (Football)

1983: Othmane Belfaa     (Athlétisme)

1984: Mustapha Moussa  (Boxe)

1985: Djamel Menad        (Football)

1986: Abdelkrim Harkat (Judo) 

1987: Nacera Zaaboub     (Athlétisme)

1988: Azzedine Brahmi   (Athlétisme)

1989: Omar Azeb              (Handball)

1990: Noureddine Morceli (Athlétisme)

1991: Hassiba Boulmerka  (Athlétisme) et Noureddine Morceli (Athlétisme)

1992: Hassiba Boulmerka  (Athlétisme) et Noureddine Morceli (Athlétisme)

1993: Hassiba Boulmerka (Athlétisme) et Noureddine Morceli  (Athlétisme)

1994: Salima Souakri        (Judo) et Abdelmounaim Yahyaoui    (Haltérophilie)

1995: Hassiba Boulmerka  (Athlétisme) et Noureddine Morceli (Athlétisme)

1996: Salima Souakri  (Judo) et Hocine Soltani (Boxe)

1997: Nouria Benida Merah (Athlétisme) et Salim Iles (Natation)

1998: Baya Rahouli   (Athlétisme) et Mohamed Bahari (Boxe)

1999: Salima Souakri  (Judo) et Aissa Djabir Said-Guerni (Athlétisme)

2000: Ali Saidi-Sief     (Athlétisme) et Nouria Benida Merah (Athlétisme)

2001: Salima Souakri   (Judo) et Salim Iles (Natation)

2002: Salima Souakri   (Judo) et Aissa Djabir Said-Guerni (Athlétisme)

2003: Lamia Louali        (Karaté-Koshiki) et Aissa Djabir Said-Guerni (Athlétisme)

2004: Lamia Louali       (Karaté-Koshiki) et Salim Ilès (Natation)

2005: Soraya Haddad   (Judo) et Abderahmane Benamadi (Judo)

2006: Leila Lassouani    (Haltérophilie) et Salim Ilès (Natation)

2007: Souad Ait Salem  (Athlétisme) et Lamine Ouahab (Tennis)

2008: Soraya Haddad    (Judo) et Amar Benyekhlef (Judo)

2009: sondage non organisé

2010: Sonia Aslah (Judo) et Madjid Bougherra (Football)

2011: sondage non organisé

2012 : Soraya Haddad (Judo) et Taoufik Makhloufi (Athlétisme)

2013 : Amina Bettiche (Athlétisme) et Mohamed Flissi (Boxe)

2014 : Fatima Zahra Oukazi (Volley-ball) et Abdelmalek Slahdji (Handball).




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